International Journal of Yoga

: 2016  |  Volume : 9  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 89--90

Witnessing consciousness

Prabhakar Srinivasapuram Krishnacharya 
 Department of Ophthalmology, JSS Medical College Hospital, JSS University, Mysore, Karnataka, India

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Prabhakar Srinivasapuram Krishnacharya
57, 8th Cross, 4th Main, Vinayaka Nagara, Mysore - 570 012, Karnataka

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Dear Sir,

Hearty congratulations to the author for the great article entitled 'Healing altered states of consciousness'. We wish to describe innate system of healing for altered states of consciousness. Healing process is imperative and a prerequisite for restoration of health to normal status. Healing progression is always associated with spontaneous curing similar to etheric body healing. Health blossoms by impeccable fusion of body, mind, and soul with five godly elements. Imbalance in any of them engender disturbance in unison and existential elements leading to disease.

A tree in a seed represents relative consciousness, and the tree epitomizes absolute consciousness. Physical or visible consciousness is analogous to relative consciousness that physicians are attempting to restore in a coma patient although absolute consciousness continue to exist which was discussed legibly by the author. Absolute consciousness could be experienced during meditation. For instance, Sri Ramakrishna used to transcend to a prolonged state of cosmic consciousness and disciples misunderstood these episodes for unconsciousness. In health, mind as a routine factor of time, takes over absolute consciousness leading to decrease in proprioception and interoceptions. Whereas, during disease conditions absolute consciousness predominates, and is best encountered during headaches, breathlessness, and various disorders leading to disparate symptoms. Absolute consciousness is the only treasure that could be carried along after death. While life is a preparation toward ultimate destination of death—absolute consciousness continues to exist for restitution of birth.

Nonfulfillment of desires manifesting as depression, despair, and denial originate from childhood conditioning. While sleeping, daydreaming, euphoria, or panics are reflections of subconscious mind. Human mind is almost always in altered states of consciousness because of its rapidity of traversing either in to the past or future instances. Conversely, animals live in the present moment for they cannot think of yesterday or tomorrow. Hypnosis is conquering control over one's own subconscious mind (self-hypnosis) or others minds that help to heal physical and mental ailments. Hypnosis is an excellent natural method of healing, nonetheless highly intelligent minds cannot be hypnotized.

Meditation is universal, nonjudgmental phenomenon of including and accepting every element on earth and space without any trace of rejection, and performed in absolute stillness similar to tapas. Meditation is flowering of truthfulness, while concentration is a method to increase thinking capacity that is stressful because mind is focused on one thing only. Total nonidentification required to achieve unitary consciousness to procure oneness with existential GOD that is the conscience of Raja-yoga as sermonized by patanjala ashtanga yoga shastra.[1]

Self-realization of oneness with truth through meditation illuminates consciousness, thus helps to know levels of subtle energies proclaimed by great seers and saints.[2],[3] Lord Krishna says consciousness is atman, it is equivalent to fire, water, air, weapon, and life force that cannot be burnt, wet, dried, cut, or annihilated.[4] Meditation on absolute consciousness blended with scientific measurements synergistically help to investigate on healing at spiritual, electrophysiological, psycho-physiological, and biochemical levels. In conclusion, witnessing consciousness moment to moment in compassion promotes healing and repair the altered states of relative consciousness as absolute consciousness remains unchanged.


Life time thankfulness and greatfulness to all seers and ascetics responsible for spreading the fragrance of love and affection to the whole mankind.

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